two number

two number
1 2
2 put two and two together to guess the meaning of something you have heard or seen: I didn't call to say I'd be late, but she put two and two together when she heard the weather reports.
3 that makes two of us spoken used to tell someone that you are in the same situation and feel the same way: “Well, I don't want to be the one to tell him.” “That makes two of us.”
4 two can play at that game spoken used to tell someone that they will not have an advantage over you by doing something because you can do it too
5 two cents (worth) (plural) AmE informal your opinion or what you want to say about a subject: Everyone had to get in their two cents worth.
6 for two cents AmE spoken used when you are describing angrily what you would like to do to change a situation: For two cents I'd kick him out.
7 two bits AmE informal twenty five cents, or a coin that is worth this amount of money
8 two's company, three's a crowd used to say that it is better to leave two people alone to spend time with each other
—see also: don't care two hoots hoot 1 (5), be in two minds about mind 1 (6), be two of a kind kind 1 (8), be two a penny penny (11), it takes two to tango tango 2 (1)

Longman dictionary of contemporary English. 2004.

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